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Cannot edit climate information after selecting a new map image

Started by Phystam, February 24, 2022, 10:12:22 AM

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I created a new map and tried to change the climate, but it resets to a random map and I can't change it. After selecting a bitmap image, make sure that the small window shows the selected image. Then select Climate Settings to reset it back to a random map.
I think this is a behavior that was changed in a recent update.
See this video:


Thank you for the report. This does not on the face of it seem to relate to a part of Simutrans that differs as between Standard and Extended - does anyone know whether this can be reproduced in Standard?
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[C] Ranran

This cannot be reproduced with standard. This seems to be due to the changes made between June 30th and July 15th last year.
However, of the changes that have occurred in the meantime, the modifications made to and are minor and do not appear to have a direct impact.
The problem seems to be that some external influence has created a condition that resets the loaded_heightfield flag.
For example, the link to the loaded map image file is incorrect.

[C] Ranran

I think I have fixed this bug. Check the pull request #516.

Oddly enough, this bug seemed to be caused by the order in which the random map buttons and minimap were placed.
Quote from: Ranran on February 24, 2022, 10:43:32 PMThis seems to be due to the changes made between June 30th and July 15th last year.
However, the placement hasn't changed near the commit where the bug occurred, and I wonder if external factors affected it.

Anyway, the placement has been changed and adjusted.


This fix is an urgent issue for new players who want to start with a bitmap terrain (like me:) ).
I think this fix seems now well working and is ready to merge.