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Bus does not go when loading in the timetable.

Started by Pascallok, February 07, 2022, 07:55:11 AM

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I once passengers we have to stay because did not board and passengers seems to have been mistakes.
The bus doesn't come, the passengers are missed and have to ask if the bus is really a bug.
The timetable doesn't care if passengers got stranded.
Because there was an error in the timetable when the bus didn't load anything.
I have very sad that bus bug still needs to fix?

Greetings Pascal


Hi Pascallock,

Do you have a game save? Please upload it on Dropbox.

A full bus won't load passengers.

Does the bus go past the stop?

Genesis Kylie

Sad story @Pascallok, but its a game you can try to fix it again.


I have already heard that no passengers have come yet.
I have to state that map is always untraceable as bus route should be located.
But again I have no passengers because costs are increasing.
I have to say if they map really differently as bus stops would look empty.

Greetings Pascal