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PR#538 - Change text color for non-service stops

Started by Ranran(Hibernating), May 17, 2022, 10:53:42 AM

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The patch is to change the text color to a weaker color such as gray (depending on the theme) for stops that cannot be loaded in the schedule's stop name display.

- Bus stop to which access is not permitted.
- A freight convoy/line is about to stop at a station with no freight attributes.
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Recently I spent several hours trying to understand why one particular factory on the Bridgewater-Brunel map (Roxshaw Steel Mill) did not produce anything. It eventually turned out that the stop did not have any Freight capacity.  :::)  So this patch would have saved me so much trouble. Thank you, Ranran!

I tested it on stops without the correct capacity and stops of players to which access is not permitted. Everything seemed to work as you intended.

However, I think this patch could be misleading to players in one respect. At the moment, it is possible to 'poach' passengers, mail, and goods from other players' bus stops (if there is public right of way) and ship stops even if you do not have access rights. This patch marks those stops as no access, but actually players do have access.

I guess you could argue that the patch is warning players that this is bad behaviour. But the What You See Is What You Get principle means that the GUI should normally report the game rules accurately.

I think it is better to have the patch even with this small problem. But we should at least consider it.
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Ahh, the point is correct. I have fixed to match the specifications and UI display.

FYI, that is not poaching, that is correct behavior. You cannot claim your possession rights on public roads.
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