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Problems with double deck buses

Started by phiwum, May 02, 2022, 02:30:03 PM

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I've been having problems with the double deck buses that come around 1913 or so in the Britain 128 pak.  I purchase the bus and assign a schedule as usual, but every single time I start the bus on its way, it gets a "No route" error.  This is so even if I put the first stop as a waypoint one space away from the depot.

I have figured out that if I start the bus and then remove the depot, the bus can travel as usual.  I think, but I'm just guessing, that the issue has something to do with the "Must use: high clearance" flag on double deck buses.  Perhaps I'm all wet here, but that's the only reason I can think of for that bus to have no route until the depot is removed.

The trick of removing the depot doesn't always work.  Sometimes, the bus refuses to leave the depot.  Other times, the bus leaves the depot but discovers no route before leaving the space.  In either case, I can't afford to replace a depot every darned time I want a new double deck bus.

Any help here?  Thanks.


Hi Phiwum!

Three possibilities spring to mind.

Firstly, you may be right that it is a height restriction. This is obvious.... but you haven't mentioned doing it: have you checked that there are no single-height (1 level) bridges anywhere on the bus' route? Double-deck buses need bridges to be at least 2 levels above the road they use.

Secondly, is it possible that the road that the bus depot is on has a very low axle rating? I think the first double-decker is the Daimler CC that only has an axle rating of 2t though, so this seems unlikely.

Thirdly, is it possible that one of the bridges on the route cannot support the extra weight of a fully-loaded double-decker bus? I don't think this would cause a warning right after leaving the depot, but I might be wrong.

If none of those work, maybe you could post your savegame and tell us the depot in question so that we can work it out?
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Thanks, Matthew.

My attempt to debug my route was pretty simple.  I set a waypoint one space away from the depot.  There's nothing but flat road therefore between the depot and the first stop, so we can eliminate overhead bridges as an issue. 

Furthermore, the fact that the No Route seems to be fixed when I destroy the depot (which I can do if the bus has left the depot but not the space the depot is in, which seems to be about a 50/50 chance for some reason) suggests the problem isn't on the route itself.

The question about the axle load is a good one, but I just checked and the road is sufficient for the axle load.  I have previously made the mistake of destroying a stable and adding a petrol depot without upgrading the road, but not this time.

However, this morning, I can't reproduce the "No Route" condition!  Maybe a restart of the game fixed a transient bug or some such.  Today, I can create double deckers willy-nilly and have them run their routes.

If I see the same error in the future, I'll return to this thread.  For now, I assume it's a transient problem.