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Terrain bug

Started by Celli, December 18, 2020, 08:07:45 PM

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Hello guys,
I am playing Simutrans like 15 years already, the last 10 years mostly with pak128 and I have never had a problem as this before. Since the new update I have issues modifying the terrain. As you can see in the video: as I modify the terrain the colours get very weird. Previosuly it kept the coulour of the layer beautifuly but now I have to manually correct the wrong colour of the terrain. Any suggestions how to get rid of this?


I just discovered this now. Just

The colors are different terrain types. These colors comes from the climates set at map generation. You could open the new map window, edit the climate settings, close it, save the map and reload it.



Just downloaded the newer version again, inserted a save game from an earlier version and the same terrain issue came up, but couldn't fix it even after altering the climate settings and reloading as you suggested. Is it possible that something else is the issue?