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Android game play UI problem

Started by Mishasama, June 08, 2022, 08:04:43 PM

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The windows button is still too small even using the "large" theme.
I can't press the button easily.

If try to scale it. The window will be too big to display. And can't be resize because it was out of screen.

Maybe we have to redesign the theme for phone play.


Simutrans is not built for such low height screen. The GUI will fail if it has not ~700 pixel at least. If the phone is maximum 1400, then 200% magnification is the sensible maximum.

From the start it is clear that Simutrans will have a hard time on tiny screen.


It's tricky, because if the icons or buttons are made bigger, then windows like the ones in the depot would get extremely big and go out of bounds on the screen.

Simutrans displays a lot of technical information, and this makes the windows huge.

The only thing that occurs to me would be to make a simplified interface for mobile devices.

I'll take the vlc player as an example, due to the huge number of functions and settings, they chose to add a simple mode and an advanced mode in their settings, so maybe it's a good idea to do the same in simutrans?.


I think that displaying the current date and time, player company name, amount of money, coordinates, etc. in a horizontal row may be a problem when playing on a smartphone.

Some people may want to play on a portrait screen on their smartphones.

I think we can solve that by making it a multi-line display like the design of the gadget that displays the date and time on desktop and smartphones. It may be useful to have a small button to stop the time or double the speed.


I thought of that as well, but SDL2 does not allow to switch between orientations. I am not sure why, because SDL2 itself can handle resolution changes, but the SDL2 Android stays always at langscape.


When I played on the pinephone, the game switched between landscape and portrait naturally. It is odd that Android can not do that. Which version of SDL2 are we using on Android?


Maybe I found a solution ... lets test.

r10672 allows landscape and portrait as well.