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Just published my redesign of my company's website

Started by Isaac Eiland-Hall, May 22, 2022, 04:01:29 AM

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Isaac Eiland-Hall

So I was hired back in February to work on the website for Overture Systems Solutions. It's a startup providing research for businesses - customer experience, user experience, employee experience, and many more areas. I'm still learning what we do. lol

I was hired because the previous designer was a programmer very very much over her head with the website.

But because she happened to pick a tech I was familiar with (a purchased Bootstrap template), I was able to get the initial version of the site up and running.

Once that happened, it was time to start adding more — blog posts are first. Well, that necessitates a shift to WordPress. I've done that, and while I haven't totally redesigned all of the pages yet, I was still able to make many many improvements to the design, with many more coming on the way.

Alas, they were using Godaddy shared hosting. I talked them into letting me host the site on my server so it's faster.

I'm pleased to say that the home page previously was taking about 6 seconds to load on Godaddy. With optimizations, I've gotten it down to 3 seconds — and bear in mind that Godaddy was hosting flat html/css/php site, while the redesign is WordPress. If you're not impressed, just know that WordPress is great and amazing and powerful, but it has a lot of overhead (but it's worth it), and I'm using a theme/tool (Divi) that slows things down even more.

So I'm quite pleased with myself. And while the home page loads in around 3 seconds, other pages load in about 1 second (the home page has a video that I optimized).

I'm a happy camper today. Now onwards to doing more things!


Interesting, it is very well done (I would never figure out it is a wordpress site).

One question: Why the footer is so big? (Does it has something to do with animations?)

Isaac Eiland-Hall

If you mean the very bottom that only contains the copyright statement, it's a design decision. Although the page footer actually starts with the dark blue "Work with the experts" section. If you mean that, well, websites like to put a lot of stuff down there to try and capture interest. lol.

But this is still really based off the evolution of the site that I inherited, so there's going to be radical changes over time as I truly design parts of it from scratch. heh


I congratulate you for your work!. 8)

 A few months ago I made a template using pug(jade), with node.js, I used Heroku as hosting, although of course my work does not compare to theirs, I was inspired a bit by the simutrans home page.

Unfortunately I'm having issues with Heroku and it won't let me connect to Github anymore. :-[

Isaac Eiland-Hall

There's a lot going on there that I really like. I am a fan of translucency as well, and I think you've put it to great use. Fantastic use of background textures and text effects as well. And it's nicely responsive.


The funny thing is that I have used pure html and css in most cases, javascript is very little. :P

 By the way, I don't get an "I like" button on forum posts. Maybe some dictator is punishing me hehehehe. :o :o ;D


Above the growing tree, you got the logo and the "grow faster with insight"- text. The size of the logo and positioning of the box seems to depend on the width - on a 4k in fullscreen, there is only the top half of the logo visible, seems around 800px the text starts to disappear. On Chrome - might want to look into that :)

Isaac Eiland-Hall