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(OTRP) Can't overtake loading convoys at bus stops on roads with default mode

Started by Ranran(retired), December 07, 2022, 11:20:50 AM

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A bug fix in THLeaderH in 2019 broke some overtaking functions. For example the one I reported here, but they seem to be different bugs.

You can use this save data to check the operation of some overtaking functions.

Standard and extended Before 14.9, it was possible to overtake a loading bus at a bus stop placed on a road in default mode.
But it's been broken since then. This is a bare-bones feature and loss of it will slow down road traffic.
You can check the operation at the bus stop in the east of the save data above.

I have checked the code related to this but not sure how to fix it. However, it has been confirmed that if line 7358 of is changed to the same code as the standard, it will be repaired.

However, this code seems redundant, so I asked the standard developers in the thread below.,22119.msg202467/topicseen.html#msg202467

I'm afraid that modifying something will break something else.
In fact even after fixing line 7358 the bus sometimes overtakes without changing lanes unlike before, something else seems to be broken too.