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Vehicles not following waypoints in order

Started by passengerpigeon, December 10, 2022, 09:15:57 PM

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This bug is something that I first noticed (and commented about on Discord) during the Bridgewater-Brunel 4 game, where my Concordes, which I created a waypoint trail for to keep them over water for as long as possible, would often and without rhyme or reason reach the last waypoint before the destination airport and then backtrack to a waypoint all the way in the middle of the route before turning back again and landing, instead of going straight from the waypoint just before the airport to land at the airport, as was intended, and this happened no matter whether I used Mirror Schedule or duplicated the waypoints by hand (I can upload a BB4 save from when the Concordes were still in service for you to take a look if you want). Now the bug has resurfaced on Bridgewater-Brunel 5, where I have a coastal coal ship (the brig Countess of Nareinon) that, ideally, loads up on coal at High Avon Mine Wharf, and then drops off cargo at Nareinon Bridge dock, Walthorne Coal merchant dock and Muninghall Orchard dock, before returning directly to High Avon Mine Wharf. Because using just those four stops is too far for the ship to route on its own, according to the game, I had to make a waypoint trail, and the same issue as the Concordes has come up - as we speak the Brig is now heading back to Walthorne Coal merchant dock and then hopefully Nareinon Bridge dock, having skipped those two stops and gone straight to its last destination, Muninghall. I would appreciate if you could take a look at my waypoints and follow along with the ship; since this would be tedious I suggest making an offline copy of B-B, advancing time and replacing the brig with a hovercraft to view the routing easily.

Edit: Since posting this I have modified the route so that there is less than 50km between each waypoint; let's see if this helps.

Edit 2: The Brig route has been truncated to Moylwaun Bunkers, which will receive coal from Humber Keels upriver, in a planned move that has nothing to do with the bug. I will update if this fixes it.


Thank you for your report. Can you upload a saved game in which this can reliably be reproduced in a particular time and place?
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