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Elevated Way Supports Menu should only contain modules

Started by Matthew, June 04, 2022, 06:24:10 AM

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At the moment, the individual modules for the new elevated ways and bridges are displayed as a submenu of the Elevated Ways Supports menu, which also contains the currently-available automated ways (e.g. 'Concrete viaduct elevated support'). So you have to click twice to get to them.

However, the automated ways are also displayed in all the individual way-building menus too: the Railway Tools Menu, Water Transport Tools Menu, etc. (even when are the wrong waytype: the aqueducts are displayed in each one).

I know there was a disagreement about whether elevated ways should be in their own menu or split between the individual ways, but this seems to be the worst of both worlds.

(Though it is very much a tiny tiny #firstworldproblem  ;) )

I suggest that the Modular Construction submenu should be promoted to the Main Toolbar in place of the current Elevated Way Support menu. Players would be able to see the automated options for each way, but the modules would be readily available at a single click, whichever waytype you were building.
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