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How does humidity work?

Started by Mishasama, June 08, 2022, 08:57:31 PM

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I can't find any guide on humidity.

What do these options mean?
 And how is this used?

I always generate a weird map.
Does it not work with map generator?


Please say what you mean by wierd. If most is desert, you set the summer snowline at too high values.

For more explaiantion, see this thread:,20086.0.html


I using these settings to create the map.

And then I always get a map like this.

Rivers are often accompanied by desert areas. Moreover, the desert areas are longitudinally strip-shaped.
But they don't seem to be related to the height of the terrain.


On smaller maps the increase parameters must become higher. The climates work better the larger the map is.

Also the winter snowline is decisive. Too far away from the snowline it always tropical or desert. Try to lower the winter snowline.