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Crude oil not loading at train station

Started by steelydanfan, June 25, 2022, 06:04:35 PM

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Using Pak128

The year is 1930.  There's an oil field that is linked to an oil power plant nearby.  I have a train station immediately adjacent to the oil field, that is connected by rail to a station immediately adjacent to the aforementioned power plant.  There is a train running on that line between the two stations, with a locomotive and a number of tanker cars, at the longest length that will fit in the stations (I made the stations the same length).  The train is running back and forth, but there is no oil being stored at the oil field's station, nor does anything actually get loaded onto the train.

Supplying the power plant with oil trucks (via road) works fine.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong--my understanding is that aesthetics aside, *all* train stations handle passengers, freight, and mail, so it shouldn't matter what train station type I'm using.  Am I mistaken in that understanding?

Alternatively, is there a minimum distance before trains get used?  As I said, the oil field and power plant are rather close to one another: the Manhattan distance is 91 (obviously the exact # varies based on exactly which station/factory tile you pick on either end, but that # gives you the ballpark) and the Pythagorean distance rounds up to 68 (it's actually 67.5+change).


Not all stations can handle freight, only freight stations  ;)

The stations that can handle only passengers have a small passenger icon at the top left in the railroads toolbar, the stations that can handle freight have a small freight icon (brown and ugly).


It appears my understanding was incorrect, then--thanks for clearing it up!