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Details Window cannot be opened from Depot Window

Started by Matthew, June 27, 2022, 12:05:52 PM

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Steps to reproduce
1. Open a depot.
2. Create a convoy.
(Due to another bug, you may need to click on 'Show all' to select vehicles)

Expected results
Players can click on the Details button to see more information about the convoy in the Details Window.

Actual results
The Details Window button is greyed out:

It may be related to the earlier bug where daughter windows could not be opened from the Depot Window. But I tried clicking many times on the Details button and did not succeed, so I think it is a different bug, perhaps due to PR#555.

P.S. I do remember that Ranran only gave us the Details Window a few months ago. Now I use it all the time! Thank you, Ranran.
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I can no longer reproduce this, so I am assuming that this has been fixed.
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