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r10586,slope tool applied to Tunnel portal after remove remain way.

Started by myagami, March 28, 2022, 03:12:01 AM

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Let's watch 1st attatched image,this image is (No.1) build tunnel portal (No.2) removed tunnel (No.3) portal applied up slope tool and (No.4) applied down slope tool in r10586.

First attention No.3 in first attatched image applied build raise height artificial tool for but originally action is popup message and not applied build artificial tool.
(see 2nd attached image proper action)

Second attention No.4 in first attatched image applied build low height artificial tool.
Originally action build low slope with rail or road etc on attached image but this time applied build low artificial together rail or road etc.
(see 3rd attached image proper action)

I tryed other direction but bug occur.


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