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New market without any suppliers

Started by zook2, July 29, 2022, 12:49:47 AM

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On the Transshipment server at 2398,254. The market was built in August 1793 (i.e. just now). Could that be connected to Factory Link Refactoring?,21681.0.html


Issues with missing suppliers have been occurring prior to the factor link refactoring.  The reason for the refactoring was that I had originally planed on trying to improve balance of supply and demand until I noticed the redundant calculations attributed to factory links not being organized by ware type.  Ironically, the build supply chain code is not one of the functions I had streamlined, and any functions that the build supply chain code called were checked over several times to ensure compatibility.

Looking at the increase industry density and build chain code, there are a couple of reasons that a consumer could be created with no suppliers.  One reason is that there are too many industries on the map for a new supplier so an one would need to be linked, but there are no suppliers capable of supplying enough goods based on the quick heuristic calculation.  The other reason is that it took too many attempts to find a valid location for a supplier within the radius limit of the consumer, thus constructions of the supplier failed. 

As a contingency, for each factory every month the list of factory links is checked to ensure a link for each good type. If a fault is found it would link to the most recently built compatible factory regardless of distance or supply/demand saturation.