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Is there is a difference to place a stop diagonally next to industry

Started by jimishol, August 06, 2022, 04:51:04 PM

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I read Tikiwiki and make some calculations.
1 tile = 1/8km A person carries 1 crate from stop to industry and goes back to industry to carry the next crate. It needs 2/(6.4*8)= 0.039 of a month to do so. So, he can carry 1/0.039=25.6 crates per month. I suppose that industries more of the time might need less.
If the stop is diagonally placed and Manhattan distance is used, that person covers double the distance so it can carry half the calculated quantity, that is 12.8 crates per month.
That means that industries that needs more than those units per month will never get satisfied whatever players do.
In my early games, i got the impression that goods are transferred from connected stops to industry storage instantly. Tikiwiki created some doubts about how game handles the transport from last stop to destinations industry.
Can you please clarify to me the situation?
Thank you