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Fishing port and docks do not interact as expected

Started by KneeOn, July 24, 2022, 08:18:59 PM

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Good evening, a new member posted this as a help request however I believe this is a bug. Save link is below

To replicate:
1. Note the full fishing port at 450,809
2. Note the dock having no goods waiting at 450,810
3. Delete the hovel at 449,809
4. Build any freight extension building at 449,809
5. Wait for a shipment of fish to arrive
6. Note that production from the fishing port now starts
7. Delete the freight extension building at 449,809
8. Note that production continues regardless.

This behaviour is not expected and should either
1. Not change when the building is deleted and replaced with a freight extension or,
2. Stop once the placed building is destroyed if the fishing port needs a freight extension building directly next to it
3. Be working at the start of the steps and not require any further actions to ensure product flow


Well, luckily i found a little older save just before the food chain get completed. For my opinion the problem created because of the long trip  duration and the low demand of market. In that sense might be relevant to,21671.msg200572.html#msg200572
Because the game is naked from other transports the save can be ideal for watching carefully what is happening. I did, and my conclusion is that the trip is so long that player loses his passion. The save of the same game that i suggest to examine is The problem seems irrelevant to the extension of dock of Fishering port.

There is my notes on it:

Load demand_watch.sve
TIME is June 1:57:40

Go directly to Blayeydale market (1058, 1019) Observe that Fishing port is 87km away and it is not connected (Connected stops(freight) list is empty. No Consumption seems connected.)
However in goods chart fruits have been arrived except last month. I believe that i had simple stop that accepted freight and just upgraded to pax mail staging inn that do not accept freight.

Open market stop (1057, 1018) Watch details-Direct routes.
Build bulk extension at (1057, 1018)
Immediately after extension finish build, Market gets its connection. Just after the calculation of fruit transit duration PAUSE
TIME June 1:58:35

In Connected stops(freight) list of market, appears the market stop.
The only connection in market is for fruits piece goods.
This is the only connection that appears also in details-Direct routes of the Stop.
Maybe because fruits needs 2 line to get to market, while fishes needs 6 (2 cart lines - 1 ship line - 3 cart lines)
So, estimated travel times are shown for fruits but not for the long distance of fishes.
The 4 markets consumptions are empty grey.
Fishing port do not know an estimation of transit duration, but knows the small market's stock of 2 crates. So, at the right of the unknown duration we see 0/2. I guess this means that if fishing port is about to produce fishes, it will produce only 2 to fill market's stock. Though, it seems that it refuses to satisfy such a low capacity.
At time little before 1:58:47 a yellow consumption of fruits appear in market
No change for the fishes. If one examine fishing port, 125 live fishes are in transit but have not delivered yet. The stock of live fishes is empty so no production is possible yet.
June 1:58:56
The estimating duration for fish transit is finished. Duration of transit estimated to 21:00:18 hours. (By time passing the estimation will vary and it will end at about 22 hours.)

just_in_time variable is set to 4.
The problematic situation here is that news travels in light year velocity even in year 1754. So, market knows instantly that fishing port is out of stock, unable to produce fishes, so, maybe, it does not put a order and fishing port might know instantly that market do not put an order, so it is of no harry to produce anything even if now estimates the long duration of travel of 21hours. I say that because beside, at right of, the transit duration of fishes, in fishing port, there still remains the information 0/2.

June 3:25:31
Live fishes arrive, at fishing port dock. Foods appear in Connected stops(freight) list of market. Fishes unload to dock first, so the fishing port has no live fishes yet.
At time 3:46:23, at last, 24crates of fishes arrived at fishing port.
June 4:56:05
Fish boats finished upload and just left for fishery. Fishing port despite the full of stock of live fishes and the knowledge of duration of trip insist on taking into account only the storage of market, as 0/2, and do not start to produce even this.

I knew that next would happened and payed extra attention.

June 6:23:59
Fishing port ignores the knowledge of duration of the transit.
Jule 0:00:04
Fishing port at last takes into consideration the duration of transit of fishes, now estimated at 21:01:54 hours.
Production did not started but the information besides duration says 0/222.
The nice part, of this save, is that because of the long duration of trip and the shortness of market's storage, the last can be ignored. So, it seems that 222crates, as capacity, is almost exactly 20% more (i suggest for reasons of safety) than what a convoy would need to transfer the market's need of 28 crates/month for a distance that takes 21:01:54 hours to cover. (Checking other industries, i cannot tell what this duration of 21:01:54 is, so i delete the previous phrase)
Remains to see when the well calculated need for capacity will start to fill from production.

June 02:59:56
The first fish produced in fishing port.
03:04:30 2nd fish
03:09:27 3nd fish
03:14:56 4th.... i guess every 5 minutes 1 fish.
06:01:19 29th fish.

Let finish the report by what might be a bug.
Fishing port can calculate the needs for fishes from June 1:58:56.
Despite the fact that it has live fishes about 1 hour and 47 minutes later, from June 3:46:23, it refuses to change its information till the start of next month Jule 0:00:04.
Except from the unnecessary waiting of almost the next 3 hours, till the start of next month, even then, it took another exactly 3hours to start production.
Is there a configuration of game or Pak128.Britain-Ex that justifies these delays, of almost 3 before the start of new month and exactly 3 hours after the start of next month, for production to start?

Thank you


I did find that once placing a freight building next to the dock, production started immediately after and was steady even if deleted. I'm not clear what causes this or if there is causation between placing the stop/building and production