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After using "increase industry density", industries constantly close

Started by Junna, August 01, 2022, 12:33:39 AM

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After, for example, the map has been expanded, the new areas are lacking in industries--so, you use the "increase industry density" to increase the number of industries. The number of industries will then go up. But the number will not stay; instead, there will be a constant closure, every month, of many industries, until it falls back to nearly the original (pre-expansion) numbers. Every year will see the closure of at least 50 industries (when the total is 1,700 or so), and closures proceed rapidly.


Looking at the source code, the only reasons for industries to close are that they have missing connections that cannot be resolved or the industry is obsolete.  I suspect the influx in closures is a result of the latter as there are several eras in pak128.Britain where several industries become obsolete at once.  If a closing industry is the last one to produce or consume a particular ware type, it may cause other industries to close as well. 

Up to four new chains are added per month to keep the industry amount per capita to what was set during initial map generation to balance out any closed industries.  If the "increase industry density" button is used to manually increase the number of industries per capita beyond the set point, then the industry replenishment would not occur until the industry per capita falls below that threshold. 

For increasing map size, as the population can increase drastically, manually increasing the number of industries was not a bad idea, as it would have taken a long time to re-balance (though it would have eventually).  I think you may have simply pressed the button a few too many times and/or had bad timing with industry obsolescence.