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nobody likes mathematics

Started by jimishol, August 03, 2022, 07:02:43 PM

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I am not mathematician, neither hydraulic nor traffic engineer. "nobody" should well be a second nickname of mine. Although, for more than half of a century, I love mathematics. I appreciate a lot the mathematical formalism and its consistency. This is what the chosen title of this post indicates.

I would like to request a sub-board where "nobodies" would try to communicate through mathematics. If "somebody" would like to intervene and correct them, even better. The division of variables into groups, associated with discussion and formulas, could give a fine initial structure in such a sub-board.
Of course it is difficult to write formulas in posts but would worth it a try?


I am not sure that we need a sub-board specifically for mathematics in general - but did you intend to start a discussion about the mathematics of formulae in That would be more of a thread than a subforum, I think.
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No, i have not the knowledge to suggest formulas based on The only one it seems i found was that of the month duration and was based not in the code that i absolutely cannot read but on the results in some other's post. I would like to read formulas based on though. The number of posts in forum, containing posts from decades ago, is gigantic and surely somewhere contains formulas but is very difficult to find. So, i just had the idea to try to attract future suggested formulas in one place. It might not needed though because my motive, that players how like simutrans extend can not be but like math formulas too, can well be a false one.
Thank you for the reply.