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Are streams of water mainly obstacles?

Started by jimishol, August 05, 2022, 02:37:04 PM

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My map is divided into territories my not navigable streams of water. In some cases they are named brooks other streams. Some times they cross cities. Are they mainly obstacles player should over pass? I cannot terraform them to make them canals. In,19516.msg184085.html#msg184085 i see someone transformed them and uses boats. How did he do it?
I see that if i insist and press Ctl key canals ca be created  on top of them. Though, no boats can find their routes and insert canals.


You can upgrade these by using the ctrl modifier when building a new canal.
That won't work on navigable rivers though.
Both is a bit bugged I guess.


Thank you.
I upgraded to all 3 types of canals (i even teraformed to be at sea level) and build a shipyard on top of them. No boats or horse boats that can carry milk could found their route. I even build a road in parallel of canal in case horse might needed it. I can not admit that i should give up because the upgrade feature might be buggy. Keep trying


Difficult to see what's going on from your description.
Can you offer some screenshots or the savegame where this happens?

Brooks and streams are not navigable. You need to upgrade these to canals, which you can do by building new canals in place while holdig the ctrl-key
Another issue might be low bridges. Many ship types can only pass underneath bridges of at least height two.
You can find this requirement in the depot window.

My map is large, so i just started a new small map.
In test-sream0.sve map is just created
In test-sream1.sve i created a canal but can not even place a shipyard on it.
Obviously i miss a lot of informations about canal use.
Seems best option is to consider streams just obstacles.
Thank you anyway for you concern


Ah I see.
As all kinds of depots, you can place shipyards only on dead-end sections.
Specifically to shipyards, you can also place these on open water.


Well, i did it in my large map, as soon as i created a dead-end, as in your image, beside my canal. Now horse boats find their routes.
Thank you very much.

My mistake was that i had created shipyard in navigable river that connected to stream. When i upgraded stream the image at the joint with river looked to me as canal that some boat or little ship could enter to continue through canal and could not cross my mind that i had to create dead-end beside the canal so that shipyard would belong to canal itself, because rivers and canal belongs to different networks.