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PR#565 - Search box has a placeholder

Started by Ranran, August 08, 2022, 01:42:15 PM

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This patch just puts the text there, but it might suggest what the icon means, or make it clear that it's a search box even if the icon isn't there.
This will modernize the UI design just a bit. There was also an idea to combine the symbol with the box, but it was ruled out because there are cases where the symbol is larger than the box size, and in addition the difference from the standard can be large.

The placeholder text color can be specified in the theme.
gui_color_text_placeholder  = #CCCCCCPlease update the theme as it has been edited in some themes.

I believe this can be backported to the standard. (IIRC, SYSCOL_TEXT_PLACEHOLDER/gui_color_text_placeholder is an extended specific parameter.)


Excellent, thank you: now incorporated.
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