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Player feedback on the 123 release

Started by Roboron, July 08, 2022, 08:00:15 PM

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Feedback left on the comments section of the 123 Steam update earlier this year:

QuoteMy suggestion for the reservation overlay is to either take the arrows out again or make them smaller in the same layer as the rails. I use this view a lot to watch the traffic. It would be cool if there was a button for this in the top menu.

QuoteAlso the arrows at the reservation overlay disturb strongly

Quotei dont understand anyway why they change the line list ingame you had it all in one window you need like how much vehicle on the line, the stops and the stats now it all open in a new window

Between this, the bug on schedule editing, and the bug of the height map loader, I suspect there is a considerable amount of players still playing on the 122 branch.


Most of 122 gaming from Japan is actually OTRP which announces itself as 122 and uses the old interface. And the Linux users likely get via the distributions 122 as well.

But I think one should update to a 123.1 anyway, so Android and the officials are on par and some bugs around the schedules and waiting times are removed.