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Increasing building number with pakset combination

Started by Celli, August 23, 2022, 07:53:19 PM

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Hello, I am playing pak 128 but I would like to increase the amount of city buildings in my game (i dont want any new industry). Is it possible to download different paksets, copy their buildings into the pak128 folder and play on? I have no idea how it works, would it break my game or anything? Any suggestion and advice is welcome!


Yes, that should be possible as long the other paksets are 128 based as well. So paks like pak128.britain and pak128.german and even pak128.comic should be no problem. It may look odd though artistically as for example pak128.britain is generally darker and pak128.comic is obviously another style altogether.

It won't break your savegame, but once buildings are added and placed on a map, you can't delete them from your pak directory as that will then break your savegame. So backup your current pak and savegame before you start experimenting.
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