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Does anyone use the Fluid Station Building?

Started by Antonin, September 04, 2022, 11:12:18 PM

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I hope this is the correct forum for this question.

I'm playing pak128 and setting up an oilfield-refinery-gas station network. I have always wondered what is the purpose of the Fluid Station Building, which is under Special Construction Tools and has a capacity of 256 freight. Does anyone use it? I have never had a reason to collect 256 units of oil or gasoline. Just wondering if anyone else out there uses it...?  If so, why?


This will just extend a good station by a capacity of 256. It does not really matter for what goods, as such it is eye-candy, since it can also store grain or whatever.


Grain or oil or anything? Really? That's interesting. The Fluid Station Building looks very nice! Maybe I will add one next to the refinery to hold all the gasoline I am transporting.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

There are three classes of... things that can be transported: Passengers, Mail, Goods. Station extension buildings increase the number of one or more of those that can be stored at a station. So for goods, the different visual buildings are for eye candy.


Just to prevent confusion, that "three types of things statement" is right, but only in some parts of the game.
Stops use that rough grained classification as well as some stats and minimap layers.

Other parts of the game split goods further up by category (bulk goods, piece goods and so on) or even by exact good type (coal, iron ore and so on)

If you try to carry bulk in a tanker, that won't work but storing bulk in a fluid station building, will work quite well.