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macOS feedback

Started by kris545545, August 31, 2022, 07:58:27 PM

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I'm not sure where I should post this, so feel free to move it to the correct place on the forum :)

I was instructed to post here. I recently started playing Simutrans on my MacBook Air M1 after a friend told me to ditch OTTD in favor of ST. Over the last week or two, I've mentally gathered some feedback to share with you:

QuoteThe Steam version acts up when trying to install paksets from the in-game UI which I suspect is due to file structure capitalization, but I haven't looked into that - I just found that to be an issue with the standalone version when I renamed the game folder to "Simutrans", before renaming it to all lowercase again.

There's a minor graphical bug when the game is fullscreened and you go from not having an external display plugged in, to having one, where the ground will flash between the normal color and a slightly darker one, but I can fix that by re-maximizing the game.

I haven't noticed any particular performance issues despite it running in an x86_64 <-> arm64 translation layer (Rosetta 2) and the CPU being a glorified iDevice CPU.

Touchpad support is nowhere as precise as it is in OpenTTD, if I have to be completely honest - in OTTD I built a decent network with the touchpad without many issues, but in Simutrans I'm having trouble just moving the "camera" around the map, and building railwaays can be a royal PITA if you don't fully concentrate on it

I'll be more than happy to help solve the issues and possibly help with an arm64 build if that's something, but I do not have any programming experience myself - I have only compiled programs before.


Thank you for that feedback. I think many issues stem from using SDL instead the native libraries (as OpenTTD does), since none of the main developer uses a MAC.

The case issue should occur with Linux as well, but seems to work there. Maybe the bundling is at fault here.

ARM support should just require a recompile, since Simutrans has been built for ARM for Android. However, lacking a developer with a MAC, we rely on github for building. The recent update may have github MACOS the ability to built M1 compatible universal binaries, but I have not looked into this yet.