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New Screen Resolution and Unhappy

Started by zook2, September 07, 2022, 01:47:15 AM

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I've changed  to a laptop with a 1920 resolution today (had a 1366 before and that was fine). My Simutrans icons (with a large theme) look like crap but that's how it is. However, all text becomes too small to read comfortably, and apparently the default fonts cannot be enlarged. Can anyone recommend a solution, or a font that does not look silly when enlarged? Do I have to switch to fullscreen in 1366?


Congratulations on your new laptop, Zook! Hopefully it makes playing Simutrans more enjoyable.

I have converted the beautiful Raleway font into a moderately large (15-point) version for you. Right-click to download railway.bdf, put it into Extended's font directory and restart the game. You should see it listed as Railway BDF.

This font looks similar to 20th century British railway fonts such as Gill Sans and Transport, so it fits well with pak128.Britain-Ex. If it's still too small, let me know and I can try to make it larger (or explain how to do it yourself).

Legal stuff: Railway BDF is released under the SIL Open Font Licence as a modification of Raleway and the source is on Github.

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I think that Ranran is currently working on merging in Standard's recent support for more modern types of fonts, but this is a larger project and more work and testing is likely to be necessary before this can be completed.
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