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Asking for Passenger Coaches AddOns for Pak128

Started by EAndrew, September 11, 2022, 11:29:19 AM

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Hello, i've failed to find passenger coaches (railway cars) add-ons for Pak128.
Im asking if somebody knows where to download them - for links.
Or sharing some here.

In Pak128 there is DB Apmz121 and DB Bm235 by Haru. Bm235 is UIC-X coach 26.4 m long.
The length is incorrect. Here is comparison of them with the real "generic" UIC-X coach. (in Simutrans game)
That's why Im looking for other coaches.

I mean the passenger coaches from Europe. The UIC type X, Y and Z.
Like these:

Era 1970+


I don't know anything about UIC vehicles. But SNFOS have UIC passenger coaches from France, which I think are for pak128. They also have late 20th and 21st century passenger coaches from Belgium, which were presumably built to a UIC gauge. Maybe one of those is suitable for you?
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Matthew: Thank you! I picked a few. I didn't know these France and Belgian coaches.

To all:
If somebody would know add ons coaches for Germany and Austria! Please put the link here. Thank you! (Primary era 1970-1990s)


So there's two things you can do:
Adjust the template of the Bm235 with the extras of the Eurofima-style coaches and make them your very own addons, or...

Take a look at pak192.comic, as all of them are part of that pakset.
Just make sure to download the "serverset" version of it:,21873.0.html