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Speed the game time - bits per month and editing created game

Started by EAndrew, September 15, 2022, 11:08:25 AM

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Need make time in the game slow down. (Prolong the time of days/months/years so I can do more work in the game)

I believe this is set by "bits_per_month" when creating game.
Is the decreasing or increasing the value number make game slow down?

Is it possible to edit existing (save) game to change the speed of "bits_per_month"?

Thank you!


+1 is half speed
+2 is quarter speed
yes you can change your save by gui -> settings -> general (this is pak depended)
but don`t forget save and load after change "bits_per_month" for activation of the change


Thank you!!! I works!

I just had problem to make the edited save game work (it started work for the third time try...)

So if somebody had problems with it too. Here's help:
The "Settings" window you open with ALT+4. (I have PAK128)
Alter "bits_per_month". Make new save game. Load the save.

Not the "Settings" window of creating new game window.