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Makeobj-Extended may have been inoperable for the past few months

Started by Ranran, September 23, 2022, 09:56:35 AM

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There was a report on the Japanese BBS that makeobj-extended is currently unavailable.
I've been using the self-built version for a long time, so I haven't used the recently distributed version.
I downloaded it from here and tested it, but indeed it's not working in my environment.
On the other hand, standard's latest makeobj works fine.

It seems that makeobj was updated 5 months ago. I suspect this patch may be involved.

I'm not sure if the problems Matthew is reporting from time to time are related to this.
He seems to be able to output the error by makeobj, but I can't even boot it, so I can't even print the error.


I've tested the makeobj executable for windows generated by git action and it doesn't work. This works but somehow prints a bunch of errors(same error message Matthew previously reported).
This behaves differently than the distributed makeobj. This throws a lot of errors but works.
I built the latest source myself and it was the same. It works.
But the one distributed on the server doesn't work. And it has a very large file size.


I've verified that reverting this commit no longer produces a bunch of meaningless error messages.