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PR#577 - Comfort sorting

Started by Ranran(Hibernating), September 24, 2022, 04:16:04 PM

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The new typhoon fortunately had little effect on my country. But it was enough to produce a small patch.(´・ω・`)
Hopefully this will be my last patch of this year.

The patch adds comfort sorting to depot dialog and vehicle list sorting.
Note that this is sorted by comfort of lowest accommodation that vehicle has.
This is enough to represent the luxury of the vehicle.
I think it would be computationally expensive to do more than that.

See you in the next muddy stream. (´・ω・`)
(´・ω・`)シミュトランスのアップデート履歴(日本語) (※更新停止中)


Excellent, thank you; now incorporated.
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