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Interpreting the Industry Information Window for a Slaughterhouse.

Started by Chime, October 18, 2022, 07:27:55 PM

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  When you look at connected suppliers on an industry it shows a bunch of info I can't seem easily find in a help file.

  It shows a colour lamp next to each supplier entry, I think green is ok, yellow is we have nothing to do, orange is too much stuff stuck here, and red is industry fully stocked, it also shows cyan sometimes not sure what this indicator means, I think in one of the patches I read on here about a while ago it's supposed to indicate that some parts of the industry aren't working but not sure on that.

  It displays a time as well in hh:mm:ss format, but the time appears the same for all suppliers of the same good, is this time indicating time to make 1 shipment of 1 good or time until this industry thinks it will be fully stocked?

  Reason being is I have a single slaughter house in about 1838 on a map with a few continents, I've got like 70 of it's 100 cattle farms hooked up, most of them on another continent ~130 km away, but several within about 30km. Best I can tell it NEVER takes cattle from the other continent even though I have a livestock transit network from there hooked up properly.

  This slaughterhouse feeds like 80 markets of which I have ~30 hooked up, still only processes 16 head a month, I suspect it's only drawing from the 30 or so closest cattle farms having them ship it their 0.3 and 0.7 cattle a month (slightly disturbing that it still counts as livestock at that point...) and lets the other ones just hang out making milk for dairies.

  It's number under livestock often shows 23/23 (sometimes the numbers go brown or red no idea what that is about either) so I suspect it's requisitioned enough for it and stops asking for more but I have trouble finding from where it's requisitioning them, as I'd like to get the throughput up and the drovers optimized cause the time currently bounces between ~96:00:00 and ~124:00:00, it also won't break my heart if I get to saw off a thames livestock barge that runs a 200km loop that I've never observed hauling anything, currently unsure if the connection just needs to be preserved for the health of the farms and slaughterhouse.

EDIT: My bad found the in-game help it's really pretty robust, up to here I've been googling and scouring youtube for pretty much everything about Extended, so I know what the lamps now just trying to figure out why the lamps. Also it seems to have started taking on cattle from the other continent after a few more markets were built.