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Bug: crash after loading save

Started by michal., September 30, 2022, 04:28:39 PM

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How to replicate:

1) load attached saved file
2) game crashes

Expected behaviour:

Game does not crash :)


Hi everyone,

I usually pause the simulation while building larger infrastructure projects. In a recent game, I've rebuilt a train station, including deleting and building new piers, train tracks, and roads, altering terrain and changing line schedules.

I've saved the game after such changes, but when unpausing the simulation afterwards, the game crashed. The save itself crashes the game after it's loaded as well.

The save was created by version 2022/09/05 and crashes with the most recent nightly as well.



Thanks for the report; PR#579 should fix the crash.


Apologies for the delay: this has now been incorporated.
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