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Author Topic: Shades 6.0 first pre-alpha  (Read 5735 times)

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Shades 6.0 first pre-alpha
« on: May 31, 2009, 03:06:12 PM »
This is just an alpha version of Shades, after brain surgery and without some of the features. I would like to see some feedback and it might be a good time right now. It's definitely not ready for normal use though!

DOWNLOAD - 6.0 alpha1 - 618 kB

What can you expect since it's alpha: The brush cleaning tool does do anything yet (and button leaves active last used tool!). Undo is not available. Half the time you don't get asked to save your changes.

Please tell me if you find any bugs or think something could be better or different! That's why I am doing thin un-release after all.

I have recently spent a ridiculous amount of free time getting it up and running again. Consider this...

...with the knowledge that I got this quarter to these heights after a week or so. You may also - or not - notice 2/08 is missing completely ;)

So, what did I accomplish? Lots of cleaning up. This is irrelevant to user, but the code was nightmare. Now I can plan a lot better looking back rather than forward. And I could finally start reshaping the whole program to something less clunky. How I did it was a little farcical - deleted all the rotten code and wrote anew! Regardless, once everything stabilizes it should be easy to add new functionality - like making it a complete replacement of mspaint, for example (although that will not happen just for the sake of it). The new innards are far more robust and I managed to get down the amount of cpu work, a lot. As a hint, casually painting with "pencil" now runs in O(1) instead of outrageous O(N2). Well, we all learn :)

The area mode is gone - in fact, all "modes" are gone, in favour of single toolbar and everything always available. Everything is now a tool, all of them in one row of buttons without silly switching half the buttonage on and off like mad. I like to think of that as an improvement... Another new feature is that every tool can always be cancelled at any stage.

Didn't add the much hyped ;D brush cleaner yet, but it's the next thing in pipeline. I am working on it right now, and will be likely finished before next Thursday. Undo is not working yet, although I have maybe half of the thing prepared.

Oh, and the bug Zeno reported is fixed ;)

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Re: Shades 6.0 first pre-alpha
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2009, 09:36:09 PM »
Oh, and the bug Zeno reported is fixed ;)
Uh? Who? No, no no no... it wasn't me!