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Steam Statistics 2022

Started by Roboron, October 12, 2022, 12:28:42 PM

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Today is the day everyone has been waiting for: The Steam Statistics day!

1 - Simutrans downloads
Total downloads: From this day a year ago, Simutrans has been downloaded 18 000 times on Steam, an increase of 5% (1 000 more downloads) over the previous year. Of those new owners, 13 000 actually played the game.

Simutrans downloads by day: Actually, downloads by day are pretty similar to previous year, but pikes this year have been bigger. The larger ones were after the 123.0.1 release, and some smaller ones here and there during the anniversary events. Curiously the 123 release didn't got much attention according to downloads.

Downloads by region/country: There haven't been any changes in the ranking of regions, with variations of roughly 1% at most.

Countries however, we have big surprise. Germany has for the first time ever fallen from the first position! But instead of Japan, what is in the first position is United States, which has switched its previous third place with Germany. Japan still holds its second place.
France has grown nicely to 1000 downloads and the fourth position (surpassing Brazil), and Turkey has entered the 1 percent group (in exchange for Hungary).

2 - Simutrans players

Daily users: The data for Simutrans players show a pretty similar picture to Simutrans download - with the exception that we can see here how the 123 update did indeed catch the interest of existing players.

Current players by region: Japan is here still holding strong its first position, so is Germany and US, only a bit closer between each other this year. UK surpassed Brazil, Poland surpassed Czech Republic and the Czechs are now at the same level of the stronger France, and Austria. For the rest, Hungary and the Russian Federation dropped from the 1 percent club, so did China unfortunately.

3 - Steam Hardware Survey
Note: The Hardware Survey is opt-in so it is not a direct representation of Simutrans players.

Users by OS: Windows 11 sucked some users from Windows 10; more version variety in Mac and Linux players. No Steam Deck users.

Users by CPU: 8 and 12 cores and more popular than a year ago.

Users by RAM: For the first time we can see data for RAM greater than 16 GBs. Indeed, players with less than 16GB of RAM keep decreasing.

Users by resolution: Not much change here.

Users by language: not Simutrans language, but Steam's interface language. German down to third position. Russian entered top 10.

4 - Steam Announcements
It's a little earlier to evaluate the announcements since there is still two anniversary posts to post, but here are the numbers anyway.

Announcements previous to the anniversary: It's impressive how many "Impressions" the Social Media post got. So impressive that I think it is a bug (specially since reads were much lower) maybe related to the summer sales.

Anniversary announcements: started pretty good, then stagnated around 30.00 impressions and 800 views. Maybe this number is the actual number of people really interested in Simutrans aside of game updates., maybe Steam's algorithm punished me for posting news so regularly, maybe I sunk the numbers myself by resurrecting the Simutrans blog and linking to it on every other site (including Steam announcements).


That is all for this year. Unfortunately or not, no Steam-related changes were made in the last year, and no one is planned for the future, so I don't have anything to announce in that regard.