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[r10421] Chat window transparency makes chat hard to read

Started by Flemmbrav, October 09, 2022, 11:47:31 AM

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Hello everyone,

I think this is quite self explaining:

Changing the theme does not help either, thus I'm reporting it here.

Best regards


It seems that a button to switch background transparency was added in r10494. You may be playing an earlier broken version.

I tested with r10421,
gui_chat_window_network_transparency = 75
gui_chat_window_network_transparency = 0
I have verified that both work correctly. (edit themes tab)
Basically, I only report bugs occasionally, never provide patches for new features.
I may only work on fixing bugs that are caused by Ranran.
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god bless, thank you!
I'll update the pak192.comic themes to that, seems to work.

Imho it'd be best to not go for full transparency by default, rather to make it optional instead.