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Pricing for vehicles

Started by Flemmbrav, October 16, 2022, 12:02:04 PM

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Hello together,
I'm currently working on automated scale down vehicles from pak192.comic.
While I'm happy with how the visuals are going, I'm wondering if you have a formula for pricing vehicles.
That way I could just make them adapt to the pakset without spending extra effort.

As a small teaser:


pak128.britain has not formula, there were rather hand "optimised", as far as I know. pak128.britain still had until recently lots of ships with a running cost of 1 next to way to expensive ones.

Formulas were only used in some parts of pak128, all pak64 (standard, german, japan), and pak128.German.


Okay well then I'll just do educated estimates on factors of the pak192.comic formula.