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Bridgewater-Brunel game no. 5

Started by jamespetts, October 31, 2022, 12:14:04 AM

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Please do not post bug reports in this thread - please post bug reports in their own thread (i.e., strictly one thread per reported bug) in the Simutrans-Extended bug reports forum. Thank you.

The Bridgewater-Brunel server is now running its fifth long-term game, started in October 2022.

Here is a screenshot of the map:

This map is 7808x2432 (slightly larger than the previous map at 7500 x 2100), but has a larger sea area overall, so a mostly overall number of towns (229, up from 212 on the previous map).

This map has two main landmasses: one to the east and one to the west. The easterly landmass is smaller than the westerly landmass and has more lakes and fjords. There is also a smaller landmass in the northern central area and a few small islands in the sea.

This is the first new start map to have the new pier system enabled from the outset, which will hopefully see more realistic way construction in urban areas than had obtained previously, giving more interesting challenges about how to integrate transport infrastructure in built-up areas.


Dimensions (tiles) 7808 x 2432
Dimensions (km): 976 x 304
Starting date: January 1750
Towns: 229
Starting population: 999,866
Starting industries: 2,298

Please see here for rules and guidance for playing on this server. Please see here for guidance on how to choose a realistic, era-appropriate company name. Although doing so is not strictly compulsory, it is strongly encouraged.

Tips and notes for those new to playing Simutrans-Extended online
  • To join the game, just select the Bridgewater-Brunel server from the network games dialogue in the game (press the "n" key).
  • In case of a problem with the listing server, join the game either by typing into the network game dialogue, or type into the load game dialogue.
  • Remember to set a password: do this by going to the "players" dialogue and clicking the green box. If you do not do this, other players will be able to play your company and even lock you out
  • Do not use the same password for this as you use for anything else. The password encryption is not strong.
  • The game will be paused when no players are connected.
  • Bridges over public rights of way, including navigable rivers, need to be at least two tiles high.
  • The "Board of Trade" (later "Ministry of Transport" and later still "Department for Transport") player is the in-game government. It is run by the server administrator.
  • The "observer" player is locked. On joining the server, players will be assigned to be this player, but cannot build anything. This is to allow people to look around without playing.
  • Most towns will be connected by bridleways at the start of the game. These cannot be passed by wheeled vehicles. Roads can be upgraded at a lower cost than building a new road.
  • It is not possible to delete public rights of way, but it is possible to divert them slightly. To do this, build the diversion before deleting the old way. The diverted route will become a public right of way itself even if you paid to build it.
  • Anyone whose company is unused after 10 years will have their password automatically reset.
  • Anyone whose company has never built anything will have their password automatically reset after 2 years.
  • Anyone who wishes to leave the game or would like to abandon her/his transport company and start again, one can set one's company to allow being taken over. Once the company has been taken over, it will be permissible to start a new company even if you have had one before the takeover (but having multiple companies at once is not permitted).
  • Please report any bugs with the game or pakset or balance issues on the appropriate boards (one thread per bug, please), not in this thread.
  • As the game develops, it will become more demanding on computational resources. Slower computers might not be able to keep up. The symptom of a client computer not being able to keep up is a large and increasing time lag between doing something (e.g. deleting a tree) and this action occurring in-world. Disabling water animations can reduce the computational load, as does viewing the map at a higher zoom level (i.e. more zoomed in).
  • Stagecoaches require two pairs of horses to travel at a sensible speed. For hilly terrain, three pairs of horses may be better.
  • Players will not be able to rename towns and industries, as this is not appropriate for a multi-player game.
  • Industries are partly restricted by region (some industries can only be built in some regions), so some much longer industry chains will be needed in the early game where resources that cannot be produced in the region in question are required
  • Canals and rivers are important in the early game: see here for a video tutorial on the subject:
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The government has granted a Fishing monopoly to Nareinon Fishing.
The assigned property of the fishing port is located at a lake near the city center of Nareinon.
Unfortunately, the assigned fishing grounds are located in the ocean nearby, which is not connected to the lake.

The project has burnt a few billion British pounds of taxes so far, whilst people in BB5 suffer from a hunger crisis.


The server has been afflicted in the last few days by a recurring crash. I believe that I have now fixed this; I am in the process of a manual rebuild of the server, so the server should be working again in circa 15 minutes. You will need to download the new version of the Simutrans-Extended executable to join the game.
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Want to help with development? See here for things to do for coding, and here for information on how to make graphics/objects.

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