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ADDON: vehicle exports from Pak192.Comic

Started by Flemmbrav, November 03, 2022, 06:30:46 PM

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Hey ho,

it's been a while since I've been asking for a pricing formula, now I'm back with lacking pricing still. :D
But I tried... A bit at least.
Anyways, what I wanted to show is that the whole converting vehicles project does its very basic functionality by now.

On every commit to the pak192.comic git, GitHub generates me a whole .zip file with all track/tram/narrow_gauge vehicles that either transport passengers, mail or nonthing, scaled to 128px tiles, with some graphical adjustments like changed colours and offsets and a *new* pricing formula (that still needs some adjustments).
And the whole things can be loaded into pak128.Britain, clouding the depots with continental vehicles.

Good thing the whole pak192.Comic has a licence, and thus, I can offer you a download.
So in case you want to try, feel free to download them from GitHub:

But there also are a lot of things to be done and solved:
- converting freights
- adding smokes
- merging translation files
- offsets in the direction of the tracks (they don't fit well between original pak128.Britain cars, just fit on the tracks by now)
- obviously pricing
- currently, player colours get replaced by fix colours. For the future, I can see there being a colour table for all the vehicles out there, that ain't red/blue.
- maybe adding buildings as well?
- adding the whole thing to our extended fork as well