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Server list down?

Started by Mishasama, November 22, 2022, 03:57:52 AM

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Because of some reason. I am looking for volunteers who can help me update the Pak64.Nightly.

I'm helping to build the Chinese community for now.


The hoster changed IPv4 sometime yesterday evening. But since is hosted by Isaac, we need to change IP manually. Currently I am waiting for Isaac to change the A record, but maybe had been busy until now. IP6 is working.

New IP is and servers with IP6 connectivity find the serverlist.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Argh. I"m sorry. Sometimes I check the forum twice in one day, and then sometimes it's a few days. :(

If someone can poke me on telegram or email, that might work better. Sorry for the delay, going to update it right now!

edit: Updated

Also, for anyone who uses Telegram: is a me

isaac at either simutrans com or eiland-hall us (forgive lack of punctuation but it's to hopefully fool email harvesting bots) also work


The list server for Simutrans standard has no longer been accessible since yesterday.


I have updated the server to Debian bookworm. They changed the neccessary settings for the logind script which fails silently to fallback. So after dist-upgrade on must run pam-auth-updateand deselected Register user sessions in the systemd control group hierarchy. And then everything worked again, I hope.


Running the server with forever does not restart the server, just starting "node server.js" keeps it up for at least an hour. Getting to midnight, need to investigate further.


Somehow node was only halfway updated. Serverlist seems running again.


The announcement server is down again.


no, is online

However, if you are using a current Simutrans version under Linux then look here.,22585.0.html


You're right, I've been doing some checks on it.
Even though I'm using Linux, I'm on r10421 still.

It takes way over a minute to load into the online game menu, requesting incompatible / offline also takes quite a while to load.

But it displays servers after loading.


It seems the provider broke the IP6 connection of that server again and simutrans tries to fall back on IP4 then.

Versions after 10459 are using unblocking sockets to reduce timeout time from 30s to something shorter. I assume since no IP6 connection could be established to any of the three names it tried, it gave up while the older version may have preferred IPv4 for whatever reasons and that would still work.

EDIT: I will move the serverlist and the svn to a new server, the old one is a pain in the backside.


Quote from: prissi on February 21, 2024, 06:17:22 AMEDIT: I will move the serverlist and the svn to a new server, the old one is a pain in the backside.
;D ;D ;D ;D