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Problem loading heightmap

Started by jameskuyper, December 07, 2022, 06:47:33 AM

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I downloaded the 1752x1752 "Germany with rivers" map created by Lobberle from, and tried to load it into a pak64.german game. It ended up mostly water, but by adjusting the water level to -5, I got a map that looked like the attachment. If I adjust it down to -6, there's no water on the map at all.
What do I need to do to get a map that looks like the icon used at for that map?
How should I set the Landscape Settings for the most accurate results?Germany.png


In the download there is a readme file which tells you (in german) to set the water level on 0. That worked for me in 2009 when I tested it. I don't know if something has changed in between, as far as I know nothing...
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I actually can read German (poorly), but I checked with to be sure. It produced a surprisingly fluent English translation, and I followed those directions. That's what produced a map that was mostly water. I lowered the water level to -5 to get the map I showed. Lowering to -6 made the water disappear completely.
There are several options for interpreting the heightmap, with "linear" being the default. I got surprisingly similar results regardless of which option I chose.
Could someone else try it, and see if you can duplicate my results? If you can't, if you are actually able to produce a map that looks like its supposed to, could you send me a copy, with detailed instructions about how you created it?


It seems the height map is not used at all. The ppm can be viewed and should look already like germany. If not then you got something else.

I had trouble downloading, since non https downloads are now forbidden (for whatever stupid reason, http or https does not make a difference for a zip file ... But my attempt generated something like it.

Still no water in the river, the water level needed to be higher than 20, which is the current limit. Maybe the grey levels need adjustment in the image because the new algorithm looked for the maximum contrast.


I viewed the PPM with GIMP, and it had black everywhere that there should be water for the German map area. It had values of 100 or higher everywhere else. So I think I got the right PPM file, but it's not obvious that it was actually used when I gave it's name to the "Load Heightmap" dialog.