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The road choose sign's East and West graphics are mixed up

Started by koroal, December 09, 2022, 03:17:00 PM

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The current sources for pak128 on github contain the following lines in "infrastructure/road_signs/RoadSignsOther.dat" for the choose sign:

# choose loading bay
#players reported that it was inverted

From how it looks in the game, it seems to me that the graphics for East and West directions are mixed up here. This change was made relatively recently and does not affect any release version of pak128 yet.

Looks like this was changed intentionally by the commit 623fb7b9b6459cda6effd80becb4921db70ef1bd. Maybe the intention was just to replace numeric indices with N/S/W/E and there was an error in the process? I am not sure. But the current settings do not seem to work correctly.