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Christmas Image Contest 2022

Started by Yona-TYT, December 14, 2022, 03:37:53 AM

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I'm too lazy to run contests and stuff... so I'll be brief, we're in December and we need a Christmas capture for our social networks!

As it is already a tradition to do a Christmas image contest and this year it seems that everyone here has overlooked it.

Well the only rule is that it must be a simutrans capture (obviously).

I will carry out a survey before Christmas (December 20 maybe) but there is not much time, so if there is only one participant, that will be taken.

The winning image will be posted on all active simutrans social networks!... and maybe on the simutras home page? (anyone help me with that? 🥴  ).

This is all, (how bad I am announcing contests hahahahaha 😜😜😜😜)