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Remove electrification from railtrack.

Started by Combuijs, October 22, 2009, 11:13:07 AM

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After a question in the Dutch forum:

Does anyone an easy way to remove the electrification from railtrack? The only ways I could think of, is to delete it on every tile, or to remove the whole track en rebuild it. But I would not call that easy...
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The original post was mine so let me clarify this.

If I start the game I find it is cheaper to operate a tram between 2 cities but layout the track so I can upgrade to full train operations later.

But at after I switched from trams to trains I have no need for electrical vehicles on that line for quite a while. So I rather get rid of the extra overhead (costs). But it is a pain to do this on tracks of 30 or more tiles. An the occasonal powerline that may cross such a line will be cut as well this way.

So if there is an easier way for this I would love to hear about it.


IIRC a way-objects (such as electrification) removal tool should be in TODO list.


Actually simutrans has this fuction already (it was added some weeks ago). It still needs to be added to the menus (via in the various paksets. So if anyone feels like drawing a nice icon for it, I could include it into pak128 at least...
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Hey, what's the status on this, and does it apply to trolleybus electrification as well? If it's already there, could someone let me know how to go about adding it to menuconf?


Tough that was a pretty massive bump, would not mind hearing about a feature like that as well.


i've seen the tool in pak.german already.


yes, it's in pak.german ex "remove wayobj waytype" tool that's in all the rail types, but not there for road. Presumably it's not there for road, because there are no trolleybuses and therefore no trolley electrification, but I would guess it's possible.

Is it not listed in the wiki?
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It is possible. All you need is an icon and an entry in

But since is... let's say a little tricky, it's also tricky to explain.

You'd need a line in the road tools (waytype 1) section, something like this:


red numbers need to fit into your road tools section (if the last entry says e.g. [3][10] make yours [3][11] and put it beneath it - if you do this wrong, many things in menus may not work properly anymore until you fix the error, so I strongly advise working carefully here!), blue is the icon number (a separate file, with its name here, might also work - but I never tested that).

Again, for most inexperienced users, I would not recommend fiddling with If you insist on trying, please make a backup of the orginal file first.
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In my for pak128, 33 is assigned to WKZ_REMOVE_WAYOBJ. Does anything else fall into the "way object" category other than electrification? (Other things the tool would delete as well?)


Well, one can define way-objects that do not electrify anything (and are thus used just for the looks) and those would be deleted by this tool as well, yes. But such objects are rare in Simutrans. I think the telegraph poles in pak.german may fall in this category (although I believe they are on waytype=track) or the extended runway lighting in pak128's airports. But since you can only build one set of way-objects on each waytype there will only be either electrification or eye candy - never both (on the same waytype and tile).
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Thanks much, Sir DirDir.

While you've lent me your ear, one more quick one -- how do I determine the icons in menu.GeneralTools.pak? Pak files can't be extracted (boggles my mind that paks aren't just standard archives) and I even pulled the source from SVN -- no button graphics.

Thanks again!


In pak64 sources, these are under other\wkz_icons.png and other\new_menus.dat

pak128 is not open souce yet and neither is pak.german...
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