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Started by Isaac Eiland-Hall, May 21, 2009, 08:58:52 AM

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Isaac Eiland-Hall

This is a placeholder topic...

If you can't log in, you may have to remove the cookie for simutrans.

For firefox: Open tools -> options, go to security tab. Click cookies. Type "simutrans" in seach box - should find two cookies to remove. Then you should be able to log in.

More info later - I'm busy trying to fix problems right now.

You can try emailing: isaac at simutrans dot us

I might not be able to reply if I get a lot of emails, but if I can help, I will. Also check back here - I may reply here to emails you send, so everyone can benefit from info.

Sorry for troubles. Long story short: forum was hacked...

UPDATE: Cookie problems should not be a problem, a setting had to be changed...

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Ahh.. most non-English posts are blank. Am aware of this and working on it...

EDIT: Fixed courtesy of VS :D

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Known issue: Problems updating some profile fields - also avatar

Status: I think I know what I have to fix, but it requires troubleshooting -- that is, I know where to start tryign to fix the problem, but it involves research and testing and.... blah. I've got to get some sleep, so I'll do that first, then work on this later today...


Forum theme has been restored. ;D

(but not my avatar :( )


I wonder a bit why the upgrade to 1.1.9 is so difficult on this server. I run SMF too, and all I needed to do to update from 1.1.8 to 1.1.9 was to click the "update" button in the maintenance panel.

Worked all online, without downtime and anything.

Edit: I understand though, that from the current, most likely inconsistent state, it is quite a bit more difficult to get into a clean state again.