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Current status of "Follow me" behavior for convoys

Started by jncy, December 29, 2022, 08:53:31 PM

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Holiday greetings from a long-time user and first-time poster!

I was a big fan of the "Follow me" button in the Convoy window that locked the main map screen onto a single vehicle. It was a great tool for visualizing the efficiency of a transit network, or for just sitting back and admiring my own handiwork. :)

It seems that this button disappeared from the Convoy window in SVN r9366, but I can't tell whether the functionality moved elsewhere. The description for r8857 offers a potential clue ("convoi following mode now map setting") but I haven't managed to learn any more; I also tried searching the manual with no luck.

I experimented with both 123.0.1 and nightly releases, built from source on Linux, paired with pak128.

Any advice would be appreciated!





Thanks Andarix.

At first I thought this was a curious choice, but I see now that it's very clever: I can double-click the title bar of each convoy window so that only the title bar is visible, place several of these rolled-up convoy windows at the corner of the screen, and then choose which convoy to follow with a single click. Very nice!


I also tried placing some of these convoy windows in the corner of the screen. Wonderful.