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(not a bug) r2470 - Windows GDI compilation doesn't start

Started by dantedarkstar, May 17, 2009, 03:45:41 PM

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There is following problem. The windows GDI executable nightly r2470 doesn't start. The process starts and is visible in the Task Manager, but it does nothing (uses 76k memory and 0% CPU for me). No trace of any error or problem (at least none I found).

This problem seems to be not compilation-specific, since Simutrans-Experimental newest version 3.9 that's built on new nightly has the same behavior. I don't know if it is r2470 specific problem or if previous nightly builds suffered from that, because aside from this nightly, I only used Experimental and stable 102.0.

Sort of fell out of my head. System specs:
Lenovo R61i notebook
Now taken from "My Compuer" properties:
Intel Core2 Duo CPU T5450 @ 1.66GHz
1 GB Ram
Windows XP Professional SP 2 32-bit (version 2002 whatever that means)
Using AVG antivir and Subelt Firewall (never interfered with anything as far as I can tell)

For stable simutrans that worked, I used SDL version. I'll check the other stable version if it works.

I checked and stable 102.0 Windows native does not work too, so the problem is not specific to the Nightly release but to the Windows native compilation and how it works on my computer.
I guess it's not anything of priority in such case.

Just marked subject (not a bug)
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Seems that my computer was at fault. After completely resetting all miraculously work. The thing that confused me completely was that experimental 3.8 (also GDI) did work, while stable 102.0 (earlier) and nigtly (later) didn't...
Sorry for false alarm (it seems). :-[
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