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Started by Yan, February 01, 2023, 01:32:54 PM

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Hi guys,

It's been a while since anyone posted on the forum, so I don't know if I'll get an answer ::-\...I just want to know if it would be possible to use the French trains  Add-ons in Simutrans Extended ? They were created for Pack 128.



The forums seem quite active to me.

The answer to your question is: It depends...

Have these mentioned French trains been released as compiled objects (.pak files) or is the source available (.png and .obj files)

In the former case, chanches are bad that they will work technically and even if they do, they most likely won't fit economically and visually into the pakset (and you cannot change that)

In the latter case, you could for sure fix the economics and visual appearance of the vehicles and compile them for extended using makeobj-extended.


Hello Sirius,

Thank you for your answer which I have just noted!!...I asked my question on the French forum of the site and to this day still no answer!!...I must admit to you that I have no knowledge in terms of software on Add-Ons so I cannot answer your questions!!...

On the other hand here is the page where the French and Belgian trains are available for the pack 128:

Maybe this can give you some clues to answer my question?

Thanks for your help!!...


The trains on that website mostly are not available as dat+png files, so you can't turn them into vehicles for extended.

But the ones Kestrel drew are open source.
Thus, you can try to build these with extended makeobj to convert them to extended.

On how to convert them:
This post might be a good start:,2112.0.html
It looks a little bit overwhelming, but it ain't that complicated, so worry not.


Same for most trains by Gauthier.
You can find the sources in the linked info page of these.


Hello Sirius,

Thank you for your answer!!...As I explained, I'm not too good at programming and I'd be afraid of doing something stupid and unbalancing the game...It would have helped me a lot if someone could help me in this matter!!...It's true that if you also have to do it for each train, we haven't left the hostel ;D ;D !!...

More generally, can we not implement the improvements made by Simutrans Extended on Simutrans Standard according to the different packs?

When trying to compare Transport Fever 2 to Simutrans, I noticed that it took up the main principles, but that there were no day/night cycles or possibilities of creating underground routes... Nevertheless, the graphics and vehicles are brought up to current standards with much better modeling... And if we use certain functions of Cities In Motion, it is possible to implement passenger ticket pricing, a fare zone system and more advanced management peak/off-peak vehicle frequencies depending on the day/night cycle...Wouldn't it be possible to make a new Simutrans implementing all these features with a more up-to-date 3D environment?



Just saw you were talking about us !
If they're any of my addons (road or rail ones) you especially want to transfer to Simutrans-extented, I can take a look to try find back the source files. ;)

Have a good day !
Europeans addons in project:

Too much ! ;-)