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Pipette tool

Started by ceeac, February 18, 2023, 03:25:23 PM

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Small quality-of-life improvement: The pipette/eyedropper tool (general_tool #47) activates the tool associated with the object under the cursor. Now it is easier to build ways, wayobjs, signals, bridges, tunnels etc if there is already an object of the same type nearby.

Patch against r10843 attached.


Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.


Can we really assume that the player should be able to build everything that's on the map?

- Some object types are off-limits in general. For example, citybuildings, curiosities, monuments,... I assume those are just not part of the pipette unless you are public player though.

- Some specific objects may not be available to the player. Rivers or city streets, for example, or objects that only exist for compatibility with old maps, but not to be built new. And do tunnels only use the graphics of the ways they reference, or are the underground ways those way objects?

- Some objects may not be available to the player at specific times, since the timeline is a thing. If objects are removed over time, let's assume they are not intended to be built anymore. I see timeline is checked for buildings, but  this also applies for all other objects.

Is it perhaps possible to perform a check whether the tool currently has an icon in the menu OR you are public player?


Not sure whether I used/configured it correct but this is what I did/noticed.

- Applied the patch.
- Added general_tool[47]=,,,i to

Now I can get an item under the cursor using left click + i
And building f.e a road.

But deselecting using the ESC key doesn't work.
Deselecting using another left click + i does work.

When I select using the menu (usual way) I can deselect using the ESC key.

Do I need some additional configuration ?