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Would it be possible to change encoding of all languages to UTF8?

Started by Dwachs, March 11, 2023, 02:06:30 PM

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Title says it call. Some languages (e.g., Czech) are encoded in Latin2 in the translator. The simutrans program does the conversion to utf8 internally.

Is it possible to change the encoding of the affected languages to utf8? or only do that for the export of the translator?

Reason is, I would like to separate the encoding information from the default font information of each language.

Edit: Or could the site create a field ENCODING in the language .tab files and fill it with Latin1/Latin2/utf8 upon export ?
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The translator works internally with utf8.
Encoding in Latin2 or something else happened via export.
This can be set global in the administration of language.
Dwachs you are admin, so you can change this in the translator.
The settings for the language affect only the export. No worry about to change this.

I would advocate switching everything to UTF8