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What has happened in 122.01?

Started by rdepass, March 22, 2023, 12:22:51 PM

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The revised scheduling boxes are ok, once you get used to them, but why can't any of the dialogue boxes move around?
Such a simple lack of functionality very much reduces the game's playability as seeing two dialogues at once or planning a route is virtually impossible? Is there a work around, or are these the plans for the way the game is heading? Can someone recommend a version more similar to 110, as I found nothing wrong with that version?
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The dialoge boxes should move by clicking in the title bar, the same way as before. Maybe I did not understood your request correctly? Or you have discovered a bug on your system. I that case, more info please.

The new dialogue allows for bigger GUI elements since people using large screen will not be able to hot or even see them.

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